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Member benefits

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Member benefits

AIRE membership offers:

AIRE provides a forum for airlines to exchange information, transfer know-how and develop joint initiatives. It provides a network to consult on operational and technical issues.

Up to date information on key issues
Members receive concise, up-to-the-minute information from all the AIRE committees on a range of aeropolitical, operational and technical issues.

Access to AIRE meetings

  • AIRE Assembly and AGM – yearly
  • Board of Directors – every two months, for elected BOD members.
  • Committee and Task Force meetings
    Member airlines can delegate their experts to any AIRE topic-oriented body they wish to participate in (click here for more information).  Members’ experts can be designated on the mailing lists and will receive the minutes of each meeting, irrespective of whether or not they attended:
    • Council on Aeropolitical Affairs (CAPA)
  • Task Forces
    • Airport Slots
    • Sustainability
    • COVID-19 Recovery
    • Passenger Rights
  • Special workshops

Access to expertise
Members have direct and personal access to expertise and advice from the Secretariat on specific issues relating to their particular airline.

The AIRE Secretariat team are recognised aviation experts and have airline backgrounds.

Access to aviation regulatory bodies
Ability to access through AIRE to the European Commission (DG MOVE, DG Environment, DG Home, DG Enterprise and others), the European Parliament MEPs (especially the Transport & Tourism Committee), EU Council’s transport attaches, Single European Sky Committees, SAGAS (security stakeholders committee), EASA and its committees, ICAO, ECAC, Eurocontrol, Network Manger, Sesar Deploy Manager, national authorities and airports.

Value for money
AIRE is driven by the needs of our members with an emphasis cost saving.

The AIRE membership fees are very reasonable for the service provided.

The AIRE Secretariat is fully focused on being cost-effective and keeping well within its annual budget.

Please note that all applications for membership are vetted by the AIRE Board of Directors.