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Airline Regulations

External Relations

  • Liberalization of air services agreements
  • Fair competition amongst all operators that fly between the same country-pairs
  • Reduction of red tape; facilitation of doing business



  • Promotion of a global and fair approach to climate change mitigation through ICAO
  • Avoidance of a patchwork of measures


Passenger Rights

  • A reasonable compromise between passenger rights and airline interests
  • Legal certainty
  • Unambiguous and workable European Commission’s guidelines


Border Control / Passenger Data

  • Legal certainty, simplicity, avoidance of unnecessary red tape, respect of relevant agreed ICAO recommended practices and standards
  • Minimize costs to airlines



  • Simplicity, risk-based approach
  • Terrorism-related security charges to be borne by States
  • Minimize costs to airlines


Other Issues (insurance, credit card charges, taxation, health, social matters, etc)

  • Avoidance of unnecessary red tape, strive for simplicity and efficiency
  • Adherence to relevant international recommended practices or standards