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Airport Charges

  • An efficient economic regulation of airports
  • Rejection of the dual-till concept
  • Control by regulators of airports’ cost of capital
  • A genuine and transparent consultation process for charge-setting



  • Promoting and enhancing connectivity of the European regions
  • Promoting tourism


ATM Charges (SES) / Network Manager / Eurocontrol

  • Cost-effective ATM infrastructure at national, Network Manager and Eurocontrol level
  • Simplification of the SES regulation
  • Control by Regulators on ANSPs’ investments and cost of capital



  • Monitoring of SESAR deliverables (cost-effectiveness, capacity and flight efficiency)
  • Monitoring of SESAR Deployment (Common Projects, CEF Calls)


Airport slots

  • Protection of slot historicity including seasonal operations
  • Avoidance of primary auctioning



  • Increased liberalization in the provision of ground-handling services
  • Cost-effectiveness and service efficiency
  • Avoidance of over-regulation