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Since the creation of the European Single Aviation Market in the 1990s, EU airlines have been operating within a comprehensive common framework comprising rules on safety, security, environment and consumer protection. This has delivered huge benefits in terms of affordable connectivity, providing a solid support to the economy and adding to citizens’ everyday quality of life.

In view of the UK’s announced departure from the EU, citizens and businesses legitimately expect that both sides will do the utmost to protect these benefits, by providing an appropriate future framework which maintains a high level of connectivity and avoids disruption. The EU and UK should in particular take into account each other’s safety expertise through cooperation in EASA, and seek that investments made in the aviation sector are safeguarded to the benefit of investors and – ultimately – customers on both sides.

As aviation requires long term planning, and citizens and businesses should be able to plan their travel ahead with confidence, AIRE members urge both the EU and UK to continue to prioritize aviation in the on-going negotiations and preparations, and to provide legal certainty to the sector as soon as possible.


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