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According to the 70th Annual General Meeting held on 20th February 2023, AIRE elected Mr. Michael
Harrington as the new President of the Association, and Mrs. Özlem Salihoğlu, as its new Vice
President. Mr. Michael Harrington is the current SVP & Accountable Manager of AlbaStar Airlines of
Spain, while Mrs. Özlem Salihoğlu is the SVP of International Relations and Alliances of Turkish Airlines.

Commenting on his election, the new President Mr. Michael Harrington said:

“AIRE has now a new specialist team and offices in Brussels which are very well tuned to the regulatory
challenges in development over the next years; ones which will have a fundamental effect on the future
of Aviation. To be the new President of our Association, celebrating its 52nd anniversary this year is a
great privilege.”

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Özlem Salihoğlu stated that:

“AIRE is a significant organization that has a sizeable impact on the aviation industry in Europe working
for a sustainable and competitive aviation ecosystem that is aligned with EU policies, regulations and

It is with great honor for me to accept the role of Vice Presidency of AIRE and with no doubt I and my
colleagues will be working together to contribute to the organization’s future so as to ensure a safe,
efficient and modern industry in collaboration with all member airlines.’’

All members extended their warm congratulations to both Mr. Michael Harrington and Mrs. Özlem Salihoğlu
on their new positions as AIRE President and Vice President, respectively.