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Airline Associations, including AIRE, IATA, ERA and others, sent this week their collective letter to Mr. Henrik Hololei (DG MOVE) advocating for the prolonged application of the emergency slot regulation. The associations’ call primarily concerns the winter season 2022/23 which, as the letter states, “remains highly unpredictable considering how Winter 2021 has proceeded”.

AIRE supports the efforts done by the EC to maintain resilience and competitiveness of the European aviation. The amendments of the existing Slot Regulation to provide relief from usual slot use rules in the form of Regulation 2021/250 do not go beyond summer 2022. Therefore, based on the forecasts made by IATA and ACI Europe as well as on the general stage of recovery of aviation, it is essential that the Commission acts urgently to extend slot use alleviation to winter 2022-2023.