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The members of AIRE (Airlines International representation in Europe) welcome the endorsement by the International Civil Aviation Organization Council yesterday of the key parameters of a Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation, (CORSIA) that will tackle CO2 emissions in the international aviation sector.

Airlines have been very actively engaged in building a genuine global offsetting scheme to mitigate the effects of aviation on climate change, given the global impact of all CO2 emissions.

The endorsement by ICAO of the key parameters of CORSIA is a very important step towards the final adoption of the scheme.

Sylviane Lust, DG of AIRE said: “Our members also acknowledge the instrumental role played by the European Union and its Member States in securing today’s deal and urge that all European Institutions agree, without delay, to implement (CORSIA) as a unique global scheme replacing the regional EU aviation Emissions Trading Scheme ETS in order to ensure a global level playing field for a global industry.

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