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Current situation

Along the terms of the EU Directive 2008/101/EC, the aviation sector is included in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) for its CO2 emissions from 2012.

AIRE Position

Although AIRE remains supportive of the concept of the EU ETS, AIRE is increasingly concerned about its implementation in the current economic climate. This scheme has added not only extra costs for airlines due to purchase of CO2 allowances but also administrative costs in remunerating intermediaries in hedging and speculation.

The ETS scheme has been strongly rejected by many non-EU countries. AIRE is in favour of a universal solution to mitigate the effects of aviation CO2 emissions on the environment and considers that ICAO is instrumental to reach such deal.

In November 2012, the European Commission proposed a moratorium on the enforcement of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) covering all air routes in 2012 between EU and non-EU airports to EU Member States and the European Parliament. AIRE believes that by limiting the moratorium to flights to and from the EU, the Commission continues to impose cost and complexity on intra-EU operations with little or no overall environment benefit. AIRE calls for the EU Member States and the European Parliament to extend the moratorium to all flights in the ETS scope.


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